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Effective Didactical Use of E-books/E-Textbooks and TabletPCs as Innovative Delivering media

(2004-2006, EC Socrates/Minerva project)


The target groups which will benefit directly from the outputs of the project are university professors and lectures. The target groups which will benefit indirectly are the European educators - teachers, VET trainers and other professionals in the field. Students, self-paced learners and other m-learning users, authors of learning resources and (e)publishing industry also could benefit indirectly from the project outputs.


The main activities are grouped in 3 main project stages - study, design and test along with results evaluation, publishing, dissemination and the project management.

  • To study all relevant didactical concepts and methodologies from the field of mobile learning based on mobile computer technology as well as cognitive science.
  • Design and test learning resource models in the form of e-textbooks in language learning (Business English) and a common European subject (Energy & the Environment) for colleges, universities and corporate learners.

Comprehensive Guidelines that integrate learning methodology with enabling mobile technologies will be prepared in order to provide a logical framework for promoting mobile learning (m-learning) practices in support of European education and training.


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English at work GmbH (Germany)
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e-Learning concepts Rietsch KEG (Austria)
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The Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland)
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